Professor Paulo Roberto Motta, alumnus EBAPE, is celebrated for 50 years of dedication and teaching at FGV

Tue, 05/09/2017

On August 16, Fundação Getulio Vargas held an event in honor of Professor Paulo Roberto Motta for 50 years of dedication to teaching at the institution. The celebration also brought other brilliant EBAPE Alumni who today are important personalities in the areas of education and public administration in the country.

During the opening ceremony, the president of Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV), Carlos Ivan Simonsen Leal, congratulated Professor Paulo Motta for his contribution to teaching at the institution, forming managers and senior executives who today collaborate in the development of important sectors of Brazilian public administration 

To reinforce this importance, the director of EBAPE, professor Flavio Vasconcellos, pointed out that few institutions have in their faculty, teachers so commit to the qualification and strengthening of the School, with the dedication of more than 50 years like that of Professor Paulo Motta.

EBAPE’s Deputy Dean Professor Alvaro Cyrino said that Professor Paulo Motta formed generations of administrators who learned from his wisdom and experience and today are inspiring leaders in the judiciary, demonstrating its more humane and ethical nature.

The relevance of the performance of professor Paulo Motta was highlighted in the first panel of tributes that addressed his contribution to administrative thinking in Brazil and also to the institutional development of EBAPE. Professor Paulo Motta himself participated in the panel, together with alumni and current EBAPE professors Armando Cunha; Bianor Cavalcanti; Humberto Falcão Martins and Alketa Peci.

Professor Armando Cunha, remembering the many facets of Professor Paulo Motta, recalled his contributions to the history of public administration in the country and his important role as a Professor in developing standards of teaching with the highest level of excellence. A true specialist in the field of public administration and always assuming important roles at EBAPE.

“Professor Paulo Motta provided us with transformative decisions, actions and reflections both in institutional and social terms and represents an invaluable contribution to the country’s education and to the Fundação Getulio Vargas” said the International Director of FGV (DINT), Professor Bianor Cavalcanti.

For Professor Alketa Peci, Professor Paulo Motta has an innovative profile in creating new directions in scenarios of constant change and a great facility in seeing with optimism the diversities in several sectors, always presenting increasingly adequate solutions for each moment.

Professor Humberto Falcão Martins highlighted the absolutely magnetic and inspiring personality of Professor Paulo Motta and the great importance he brought to the academic community, as well as the generosity of sharing all his knowledge.

Following the tributes paid to professor Paulo Motta, the former executive manager of Banco do Brasil Corporate University and consultant Pedro Paulo Carbone emphasized how important the Professor’s participation was in identifying new ways of solving problems and defining new management and administration models to the bank.

The undersecretary of corporate affairs of the National Treasury Secretariat Líscio Camargo, showed his admiration for Professor Motta for his great contribution to the teaching profession, for his extensive knowledge of public administration and for being a friend and an extremely generous person.

Márcia Relvas, alumna of EBAPE’s graduation program in public administration (CIPAD) and of the Master’s in Public Administration (MAP), who is adviser to the general director of the School of Judiciary of the State of Rio de Janeiro, highlighted the important participation of Professor Paulo Motta in her professional life and his continuous concern in ethical and human development.

To close the panel, EBAPE professor Marco Túlio Zanini congratulated Professor Paulo Motta by highlighting his friendship, gratitude and generosity in always being present in the most difficult moments. He also highlighted Motta’s capacity of dealing with complex issues so easily.

At the end of the event, Professor Paulo Motta congratulated the Fundação Getulio Vargas, EBAPE’s faculty and directors and the generosity of all those present, expressing his gratitude to FGV.