About us

The Alumni EBAPE is the network of students who studied for a degree at EBAPE since its foundation. The network enables the continuous exchange of experiences and knowledge between the School and the graduates, as well as it provides a channel for our Alumni EBAPE to propose initiatives, share their experiences, giving visibility to projects they are developing, as well as other initiatives of interest to the community.

The Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (EBAPE), as the alma mater of these professionals, offers them continuing education, the opportunity to participate in events of their area of interest, and of international programs, as well as access to a qualified networking and exclusive benefits.

EBAPE has been training professionals who work for organizations from different sectors of the economy as well as in the academic sectors. Throughout their professional experience our alumni become a connection between the institution that contributed to their formation and the institutions where they have been working lately.

Alumni EBAPE, made by EBAPE graduates!