FGV offers videos to disseminate knowledge produced in the institution

Tue, 06/02/2018
FGV Notícias

Fundação Getulio Vargas, is an internationally renowned knowledge center, and has developed the Think Tank FGV program, in which it makes available a series of weekly videos in order to disseminate the institution’s vast knowledge production.


The videos present analyzes from FGV experts on relevant topics, presented in an objective and direct manner, making the content produced by FGV researchers, teachers and specialists even more accessible.


The videos are available on the FGV Portal and can be accessed through the link https://portal.fgv.br/videos


What are think tanks?


They are institutions that seek to bridge the gap between specific knowledge and public policies, through research applied to the problems of society.


There are over 6,000 think tanks around the world today, and they have different natures. They can be independent, related to political parties, to governments or to universities. There are think tanks that deal with specific themes – such as energy, social policies, environment – and others considered multi-thematic.