Alumni EBAPE Network / Undergraduate

The Alumni EBAPE Network, founded in 2015, facilitates the continuous exchange of experiences and knowledge between the School and its alumni, as well as providing a channel for alumni to propose initiatives, share experiences, and give visibility to projects they are developing or to other actions of interest to the community.

This interaction contributes to building a community of highly skilled and experienced professionals who participate by helping undergraduate students in their training, sharing experience and career history, offering mentorship, participate in panels, give lectures and workshops, attend master’s courses, among other possibilities.

Since its foundation, the Alumni network has carried out countless actions for the continuous development of its members and current FGV EBAPE students.

Here are some actions promoted by the Network:


Alumni reunion to celebrate the 10th anniversary of recommencing FGV EBAPE undergraduate program

The event held on March 25, 2017, at the FGV EBAPE Cultural Center brought together more than 150 people, including alumni, students, professors, and staff. The reunion was part of a series of actions that the Alumni network has been developing to integrate the students who have graduated into the School's projects. It counted on the 30 alumni engaged in the organization, called “Ambassador Alumni.”

The speakers invited discussed topics such as the new career paradigms in Brazil, global careers for Brazilians, the challenge of entrepreneurship in Brazil; and sharing economy and collaboration networks.

Panel on professional ethics  encourages reflective analysis from students and alumni

On September 14, 2017, the Alumni EBAPE network promoted the debate “Ethics, professional reality, and governance of organizations,” at the Ebape headquarters. The event highlighted the reality experienced by professionals who gained a new view on how to conduct their careers in their companies, facing a scenario where ethics seems to have fallen into the background.

The lecture was moderated by FGV EBAPE Professor of Culture and Management, Carmen Migueles, and alumni Sérgio Borges, Nadine Fonseca, both graduated from the Executive Professional Master in Business Management (MEX), as well as the alumni undergraduate Sayuri Ojima.

FGV EBAPE Deputy Director Alvaro Cyrino and Ebape Alumni Network Coordinator Darliny Amorim kicked off the event by highlighting the Alumni Network's commitment to bringing actions and projects to the community that add knowledge and strengthen the School's ties with its current and future students, as well as the importance of working, often, ethical issues in the professional and personal life of each individual.

First Cultural Alumni – A Lecture about the Sistine Chapel

The mysteries of the work – considered a landmark in the history of world art – and the issues surrounding the power of the Church throughout time were addressed during the first “Cultural Alumni” event promoted by the Alumni EBAPE network at the School's headquarters on October 26, 2017.

Speaker Marcello Perongini – graduate in Art History from the University of Florence, FGV Digital Marketing coordinator, founder of the Artitalia group, born and raised in Italy and currently living in Rio de Janeiro – highlighted the universe of meanings of the famous trends of thoughts lines that explain the Sistine Chapel, the reasons for its reconstruction, and the affirmation of Rome as spiritual and political capital of the pontifical state.

Alumni EBAPE encourage undergraduate students to think about their future careers while in the classroom

Professional tips, guidance, and alignment of expectations were widely discussed during the First Career in Focus – Administrations, held on November 13, 2017, at the EBAPE FGV building. The event was promoted by the Coordinator of the EBAPE Alumni Network in partnership with the Undergraduate Coordinators and the Career and Internship Development Center.

At the opening of the event, the undergraduate coordinator Yuna Fontoura reinforced the concern EBAPE has to work on issues related to career, market challenges, and organizational reality, within an ever-changing scenario (inclusion, diversity, culture) and stressed the importance of thinking about what does it mean to build a career these days. Should we learn forever? How will I enter the job market? Which path should I choose? After college, should I pursue a master's degree?

To help to understand the reality of the market and the attitude expected from students, EBAPE Alumni coordinator Darliny Amorim invited three alumni to present their career paths. Within their presentation, she showed that tips might help, but Students should keep in mind that career building is personal, i.e. it will depend on how much each individual devotes to achieving professional success.

EBAPE Alumni Marcela Batista, Accenture consultant, Felipe Campos, Wonderboom managing partner, and Raphael Tomé, former B2W Digital, currently chief operating officer of Narciso Enxovais, showed the challenges of building a professional career. The 80+ undergraduate students attending the event heard about the commitment and focus that students need, from the classroom, work to reach their first positions in the job market.

Alumni return to EBAPE to share their knowledge with undergraduate students

Offering guidance, monitoring the development, and promoting new forms to look at management, finances, and communication, are some of the objectives of the EBAPE alumni meeting with the student representatives of the student organizations, held on June 6, 2018, at EBAPE.

Organized by the coordinators of the Alumni EBAPE Network and the undergraduates, Darliny Amorim and Carla Soares, respectively, the initiative is part of a series of actions aimed at promoting the continuous participation of alumni in the School's projects.

At the event, Ilda Spritzer, FGV academic coordinator, Jo-Ann Esquenazi, organizational development consultant, Olga Pereira Costa, administrator and script doctor, Ana Christina Celano, FGV EBAPE professor, managing partner of Franco Celano Communication, proposed to help the representatives of the organizations Atlética FGV, LAB, FGV JR, FGValley, DAA and FGV+, to monitor projects under development and, thus, contribute to improve their results.

What social media can do for your brand, through the eyes of FGV EBAPE Alumni

Transparency in actions, engagement, emotional bond, ethics and brand strengthening through the use of social media were some of the points highlighted during the Panel: Social Media – What can they do for your brand? The event, held on June 6, 2018, at EBAPE, was structured by the coordination of the undergraduate program with the support of the alumni network.

To present key cases and best practices in the use of social networking in business, for over 70 FGV EBAPE undergraduate students, the alumni network invited alumni Fábio Medeiros, managing partner of Multicom agency and director of ABRADI-RJ, Eduardo Pitombo, Executive Director of Garden Party (both holding a Professional Master in Business Management from EBAPE – MEX), and the plastic surgeon Dr. Tiago Lyrio.

Identity and membership in the Alumni EBAPE Network (Academic card and email)

Ensuring access to FGV EBAPE facilities and a sense of belonging to the School is a commitment of the institution toward the students. From December 2018, the Alumni EBAPE Network adopted a new identity card, which presents the data about the program the alumni completed and their photo, identifying them.

The card allows alumni to access the School and other FGV units in Rio de Janeiro, as well as narrowing the communication channel with supervisors, professors, and other FGV EBAPE professionals, thus facilitating the participation in projects and other actions in favor of the academic community.

Graduates who apply for a card and who have an inactive email account may request activation of the account used when they were at the program (

Meeting on Change Management promoted by Alumni Ebape Network generates synergy between corporations

The Alumni EBAPE Network, stimulated by a demand of the undergraduate student and intern in the company Vale, Luiz Lanssoni, brought together the expertise of professionals from various sectors of the economy in a benchmarking event on Change Management.

The event, held on July 10, 2019, at Deloitte’s headquarters in the center of Rio de Janeiro, was attended by more than 20 executives from the public and private sectors from all over the country (some of them participated online). Together they presented the premises and challenges in conducting Change Management projects in various areas of companies such as Petrobras, Vale, Fiocruz, BR Distributor, Safran Helicopter, Deloitte, Secretariat of Technology and Innovation of the Rio de Janeiro State Government, Le But RGRG Consulting and Dargains Consulting.