Ministry of Culture rank shows EBAPE/FGV as the best administration school in Brazil

Thu, 14/01/2016
FGV Notícias
Darliny Amorim

Dear Alumni EBAPE,

It is a pleasure to inform you that FGV, once again, leads the national ranking of the best schools in the country. The Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (FGV/EBAPE) was ranked, for the third consecutive year, as the best Business School in Brazil, ranking among the three best Institutions of Higher Education in Brazil.

According to Professor Flavio Vasconcelos, the result reflects teamwork: “The success achieved again is a reflection of strategic work developed as a community by all students, professors, technical and administrative staff and administrators of EBAPE. The focus is always on quality teaching and research. This stems from the greater mission of EBAPE and FGV, the essence of which is to contribute to the economic and social development of Brazil”.

The IGC of the Ministry of Education is an indicator of quality that evaluates higher education institutions and assigns grades to colleges, university centers and universities, taking into consideration undergraduate and graduate courses (master and doctoral degrees). It is calculated in the year following the completion of ENADE in each area, based on the performance evaluation of students, faculty, infrastructure, didactic-pedagogical resources and other inputs, according to technical guidance approved by CONAES.

Congratulations Alumni EBAPE, for choosing to be part of this School!

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