Director of UNIRIO and alumna EBAPE, Mônica Ventromille applies the knowledge obtained in MAP (*) in a project of People Management evaluated by the Brazilian

Thu, 01/06/2017

In an interview for the Alumni EBAPE Network, Mônica Vetromille, Director of UNIRIO, talks about her professional career, projects and the importance of EBAPE in her education attending the Professional Master in Public Administration (MAP*)


Alumni Network- What is the relevance of having studied at EBAPE in your career?

Mônica Vetromille -  The EBAPE/FGV Masters was of extreme and profound applicability in my career, since I was able to take to the classroom discussions related to my work at a Federal Institution of Higher Education, building relevant knowledge to bring back to my professional life.

I took the position of Director of the People Development area at the UNIRIO Pro-Rector’s Office for People Management (PROGEPE) in January 2016. Until then I was Head of the Division of Personnel Assessment and Permanent Training.

I joined the Master in Public Administration in order to have a greater theoretical background, because we had the mission to implement the actions of the newly created PROGEPE.


Alumni Network – Can you please tell us a little bit about your career?

Mônica Vetromille - I have worked in the area of people management for 36 years, and have always been in management positions in state-owned companies and in the government direct administration, in departments in areas such as Health and Education.


Alumni Network – Please share with us a little bit about the projects you are developing.

Mônica Vetromille – I am currently working with my teams on People Management projects that have brought us excellent results, which are the reason for us to have received a great feedback from the Federal Court of Accounts in its report on People Management and Governance. These projects are in the areas such as worker’s health; follow-up of the work process; training; and; dimensioning of the workforce, among others.


Alumni Network - Why did you choose EBAPE?

Mônica Vetromille -  I chose EBAPE because I knew it to be the best School in Public Administration in Rio de Janeiro. It was a great and rewarding challenge.


The Alumni EBAPE Network thanks Monica for sharing her experience and wishes for great success in her new challenges!

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*The Professional Master’s in Public Administration (MAP) is designed for high-level directors, managers, and professionals who work in public bodies of direct and indirect administration, in various spheres of government. The course aims to train leaders in the Brazilian public sector, enabling the graduates to advise, perform managerial and leadership roles in public administration, and advance their academic career.

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