The co-creation of a network

Several important actors, directors, professors, staff, and students who completed a degree at EBAPEEBAPE were engaged in building the Alumni EBAPE network, participating in numerous working meetings.

The first meeting was held on 24 June 2015 and brought together a committee of former EBAPE students to present the network’s proposal and contribute to the initiative. This event was also attended by the school directors, professors – who also studied at FGV EBAPE – and by the coordinators of the current programs.

At the meeting, EBAPE’S director expressed the value and importance of having a structured Alumni group to accompany EBAPE’s graduates and know how they are contributing to the development of the country, as well as to expand EBAPE’s relations with other organizations. In addition, it is an opportunity to identify gaps that must be fulfilled in Education. The graduates demonstrated great enthusiasm and EBAPE committed to participate in the working group that will lead the initiative. 

In the words of Guilherme Takamine, Master’s Degree from the Executive Masters in Business Management (MEX): “FGV EBAPE is a part of my life. I met fantastic people and it would be wonderful to relive those moments in classes with other fantastic minds who studied there in the last decades. On 24 June I witnessed an historical moment, I was in one of EBAPE’s classrooms, with several students and professors, and then it was announced: We will create Alumni EBAPE. A definitive project to bring together the great managers, businesspeople and friends that studied in our beloved school”.

On 20 August 2015 FGV EBAPE launched the Alumni EBAPE Network, where graduates can share their experiences, connect, participate in projects for the continuous development of the community, and reaffirm the sense of belonging. Once EBAPE, always EBAPE!